3 Reasons Why Redding, California, Orthodontist Treatments are Right for All Ages

In the past, most orthodontic treatment was designed for adolescents who undergo rapid growth, making it easier to repair malocclusions. Today, an orthodontist is able to help almost every patient who has a bad bite and an unattractive smile. At an orthodontic office, you will need a physical examination to determine if you have tooth decay or gingivitis. After these problems are repaired, you can focus on fixing your misaligned teeth. 1. Aligners Are Made Using Customized Molds Adults and teenagers with mild to moderate malocclusions can wear clear plastic [...]

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3 Signs that Seeing an Orthodontist No Longer Has a Stigma Attached

Perhaps it all started to change in the 90s after the 24-year-old supermodel, Cindy Crawford, proudly wore her new braces in a Pepsi commercial. Long gone are the days of hiding one’s braces and other orthodontic devices from public view. With a rise in visibility through a heightened internet and television exposure, pop culture leaves little to the imagination when it comes to how we see our favorite actors, musicians, and reality T.V. stars. 1. No Jokes Required In the 1980s, it was common for entire cartoon and sitcom episodes [...]

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Is it Right for You? How to Decide if You Need a Redding, California, Orthodontist

You probably wouldn’t trust your general medical doctor to perform a complicated surgery and with good reason. Family doctors are not trained in most surgical procedures, as this education is obtained through years of extra residencies and on-the-job work in surgical facilities. The same is also true for dental practitioners. Dentists simply treat their patients for oral health, while orthodontists go through two to three years of specialized training after leaving dental school. Deciding whom to call can be tough unless you’re in-the-know, so the following will help you decide [...]

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The Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Orthodontist

Your teeth are the strongest part of your body and as thus, you need to take proper care of them to ensure that they are maintained in top notch condition. If you or your loved has crooked, crowded or misaligned teeth, you will need to seek the services of an orthodontist to help with the improvement and alignment of these teeth. These are specialized dentists whose job involves preventing, diagnosing, and treating dental and facial irregularities. This dental specialist has the requisite skills and expertise needed to correct a wide [...]

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What Type of Braces Should I Choose?

Getting braces is almost a rite of passage. Not only do they help with improving a person’s appearance, but they also help to prevent tooth, gum, and jaw problems. While children make up the majority of orthodontic clients, adults account for 25 percent of this demographic. People of almost any age can get braces—children as young as age 7 and adults as old as 70 have received orthodontic treatment. With such a wide range of clients, the orthodontic industry has produced a number of options to suit clients. Traditional Metal [...]

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4 Types of Braces: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to orthodontic treatments, adults rarely fit into a box. Everyone’s mouth is different and so are the reasons they are seeking oral repairs. Adults, especially, usually want to appear more professional and would, therefore, prefer something less conspicuous than the traditional braces worn by teenagers. 1. Keep them Invisible Nobody wants a dirty mouth and traditional braces often make it difficult for patients to maintain their oral health and cleanliness. For those with mild spacing problems, invisible aligners are virtually undetectable. Additionally, the transparent mouthpieces are easily [...]

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7 Films & TV Shows Featuring Characters with Braces

Convincing a child to do anything can be a chore for parents. They are picky eaters and usually hate taking baths or getting up for school in the morning. When it comes to doing new things, the challenges multiply and dental work is a well-known obstacle. Fortunately, television and movies featuring beloved characters with braces can help parents allay the fears in their children. The following is a countdown of the top 10 films and television shows that included characters with braces. Ugly Betty When she was hired to work [...]

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4 Reasons Orthodontists Discourage Thumb Sucking

Infants are born with a natural urge to suck on things. The problem lies in what those babies choose to suck on. Obviously, parents want their little one to breastfeed or take a bottle effectively in order to promote healthy nutrition and growth. However, babies will suckle on virtually anything they can find from clothing to fingers and toes. Unfortunately, many infants find the ever-available pair of thumbs that nature has provided and develop a thumb sucking habit. If this habit is not broken by age four it can lead [...]

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Signs You Need Orthodontic Care

Most people know individuals who have had orthodontic care at some point during their lives. You may have had a friend in elementary school who had metal braces or a retainer. You may have had a coworker who had orthodontic surgery for some reason, too. Orthodontic issues, in short, are far from uncommon. If you have teeth alignment issues, they may not be immediately obvious to you. Your friends and family members may not realize that there are problems with the positioning of your teeth, either. That's why it's so [...]

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4 Ways That Braces Improve Your Health

It’s no secret that Americans get straight teeth for cosmetic reasons, but there are other, more practical benefits of getting straight teeth. Braces do more than just straighten teeth—they also fix a variety of health problems. Braces prevent tooth and gum decay. When teeth are crowded, food particles can collect between the teeth. Regular toothbrushing won’t resolve the problem because conventional toothbrushes are unable to reach those tiny crevices. So the food stays there and festers, sometimes creating bacterial infections (gingivitis). If the infection is left untreated, it can lead [...]

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