Your smile is one of the very first things that the people around you notice. When you smile, you can show off your true feelings of happiness and contentedness, which many people enjoy to watch. After all, who wants to see someone frown in a state of despair in front of them? The answer is not many, if any at all. That’s why many of us get braces put on by our local orthodontist at a fairly young age. One of the reasons why braces are obtained at such an early time in our lives is because of the undeniable significance of a smile—having straight teeth can improve an individual’s overall self-esteem.

There are countless benefits of getting braces and having them professionally applied by an orthodontist in Redding. If you have never had braces, then you might want to consider the plentiful advantages that come along with their application. Here are three major reasons to consider getting braces.


Having a straight smile can be a definite boost of confidence. After all, a pleasant smile is a very helpful tool for first impressions, dates, and job interviews. Although this is a cosmetic reason, it can impact your daily life in a negative manner if you feel unhappy with the quality of your smile. If you have ever resisted smiling because of an imperfection in your teeth, now is the time to get braces from your local orthodontist in Redding. You’ll be relieved to show off your pearly whites without any hesitation to others for the first time! Your local Redding orthodontist will work with you on delivering the best results for your smile as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Improved Ability to Eat

When your teeth are straight, you can enjoy eating your food to a greater degree because it will help you to bite more effectively. If you have an irregular bite pattern, you might have noticed that you’ve experienced uneven stress and perhaps a painful impact on some parts of your teeth. With the help of braces, you can chew more effectively in case this is an issue that you have suffered from. Additionally, this will prevent your teeth from being worn down by the pressure of an irregular bite. For certain patients, having a straight set of teeth can help to improve overall speaking ability, which can increase a person’s confidence as well.

Dental Health

Despite the obvious cosmetic reason to consider braces, having straight teeth also contributes positively to your dental health. It turns out that having straight teeth makes it easier for you to keep them clean. They’re also much easier to brush and floss, which are two crucial parts of obtaining quintessential dental health.

These are only three main benefits of getting braces, but there are many other reasons out there that might speak to you on a more personal level. It’s always a wise idea to consult with your local orthodontist first to see what he or she can do for your smile, as well as what needs to be done. You’ll be glad you decided to wear braces, because in the long run, you’ll have a gorgeous smile and improved dental health.