Orthodontist and Braces in Redding and Yreka

When should someone begin orthodontic treatment?

Here at Schalo Orthodontics, we are able to enhance someone’s smile and correct orthodontic abnormalities and issues at any age. However, the American Association of Orthodontists has concluded that if a child begins orthodontic screenings at the age of 7, it is easier to anticipate what problems and treatment may lie ahead.

Are there benefits to early orthodontic evaluation?

Yes! Like most things, the earlier you can begin correcting a problem, the easier it is to fix. Just like we go to the dentist to prevent and detect cavities, regular visits to your orthodontist can ensure that your child’s growth is monitored and problems are identified early on.

Why is age 7 the magic time for orthodontic screening?

Around the age of 7, a child’s first adult molars emerge, giving the orthodontist the ability to evaluate the entire mouth and predict things like overbite, teeth crowding, large gaps, underbite and so on.

What is interceptive treatment and what are the advantages?

Interceptive orthodontics happens in phases that take advantage of a child’s continuing growth. Malocclusion, or misalignment of your teeth, is easier to treat if a child’s adult teeth are still coming in. Early interceptive treatment curbs the natural growth of teeth so that, when it’s time for braces, your child is already halfway there!

Are malocclusions serious?

Obviously, there are varying degrees of malocclusions – from slight spaces and movement, making it difficult to brush and floss, to crooked bites that can cause speech impediments and issues eating various foods and severe discomfort. Every case is different, but every case is worth a consultation.

Is your child a candidate for orthodontic treatment?

Every child is a candidate for orthodontic work! Healthy, straight teeth not only help them chew better, protect them from cavities and greatly affect their overall health, they will also boost your child’s confidence and smile.

Ultimately, orthodontics does more than make a pretty smile—it creates a healthier you.

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