Paint Your Smile

Try On Your Braces!


Paint Your Smile was designed by 3M for teen patients like you who want to have fun choosing their own elastics and brackets used for metal braces. Brackets and elastics come in a wide variety of colors. Choose the combination that best suits your style!

In four simple steps  you can get a good idea of what you would look like with braces that follow a certain color scheme. First, pick from either your own color combo or from some of the more popular choices. Then you will see your bracket and elastic selections placed on an uploaded image of yourself – for the best outcome you must use a photo that has a big full smile. The final image that you produce on the website can be shared via your social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, or you can choose to e-mail or save the image to your device.

Paint Your Smile allows you to have fun with your braces and get as creative with your new look as you want. Try it out today!

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Note: The link above takes you to “Paint Your Smile”, and is a third party website.