teen with orthodontist chooses colored bands

Orthodontic treatment is more accessible than ever. Millions of people will seek the services of an orthodontist each year. The reasons vary, be it a mild cosmetic concern or more severe bite issue. Still, some people may avoid doing so due to concerns about their appearance during treatment.

Fortunately, modern innovations have made a number of options available to patients that are more effective than ever while being as discreet or stylish as you choose to be.

When developing your treatment plan, an attentive orthodontist will consider your individual needs, goals, and finances and work with you to determine the best course of action. Not every option will always be available or appropriate in every situation. But often you can have a choice between several different treatments.

Mini Twin Metal Brackets

For many patients, traditional braces are the most predictable, fastest way to get the best possible finish results in a reasonable amount of time. Archaeologists have found evidence that devices resembling today’s metal braces were being used to straighten teeth and fix various dental conditions as far back as Cleopatra’s reign. Thankfully since that time, brackets have gotten smaller, more comfortable and more efficient. At the same time, modern heat-activated memory archwires are producing faster results with much lower forces, fewer appointments and greater comfort.

Colorful elastic ties in the form of circular modules, threads, or chains are used to engage the wires into these brackets. Many patients of all ages have enjoyed expressing themselves with the wide array of color options and combinations that are available. Patients have the opportunity to show their school spirit, support their favorite team or celebrate the seasons with bold colors or you can keep colors as subtle as you choose. The colors are changed, if the patient so desires, every time they are seen in the office.

Subdued Ceramics

Designed to blend with the natural color of your teeth, when appropriate to the task, ceramic braces are less noticeable while still providing some of the mechanical advantages found in traditional braces. The comfort and efficacy of these brackets continues to improve over time. The basic mechanics of clear braces are exactly the same as that used in traditional metal brackets. Elastic ties or ligatures are still used and while clear ties can be chosen to complement the esthetic of the brackets some patients will still opt to go for a splash of color in their elastics along with their clear brackets.

Inconspicuous Invisalign

Invisalign treatments, which use a series of clear removable aligner trays, can make treatment more appealing to some adolescents and adults. Aligners are not a complete replacement for conventional braces but when appropriate they can be a great choice for those wanting to improve their smiles as discretely as possible.

Many users of these nearly invisible, aligner trays have reported that the devices are more comfortable and much easier to maintain than traditional braces while simplifying good oral hygiene practices as there are little if any portions of the appliance that cannot be easily removed for brushing, flossing and cleanings or dental check-ups. Additionally, Invisalign treatments typically require shorter and simplified office visits when compared to other methods of treatment.

Orthodontic treatment is a commitment that takes time. Patients need to be made to feel comfortable throughout the duration of this commitment. Thankfully, the availability of these various options makes this possible. Whatever your concerns, your orthodontist can review these options with you in details specific to what your situation may be. We can get you the smile you desire. The choices are yours.