For many patients, embarking on a journey toward a healthy smile can seem like an expensive and confusing proposition. From those with mild malocclusions to severe overbites, individuals young and old often choose to seek help from an orthodontist.
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However, not all orthodontic treatment providers are created equal and choosing the right one for your situation requires serious thought. Consider the following attributes during your research and you are sure to find just the right orthodontist capable of creating your perfect smile.

Compassionate Care

According to psychologists, fears of the unknown are built upon our memories and skew our risk analysis. As a result, we tend to overestimate the likelihood of unfortunate events in new situations. Anxiety during dental treatments is quite common, especially among young children. Even adults will often appear nervous upon entering their new orthodontist’s offices for the first time. A well-established orthodontist and their staff will ensure their patients’ comfort at all times with warm and focused attention.

Personalized Treatment

Every dental patient has his or her own unique needs. From the first visit, your orthodontist should go out of his way to make you feel like an individual. Most will begin with a thorough examination to identify any possible issues that should be treated. This will then be followed by a discussion in which your orthodontist will make his recommendations for the treatments best suits your personal needs and desires.

Open Communication

Following your initial appointment, your orthodontist will evaluate your records and schedule you for a consultation in which he will explain the details of your personalized treatment plan. They will then thoroughly outline all of your potential treatment options with an honest timeline. You will receive a written, detailed outline of your goals, as well as any associated treatments and possible fees. Most importantly, a respectable orthodontist will keep a line of communication open with patients and their parents in order to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

Financial Accommodations

From the very beginning of a partnership with a new orthodontist, he or she must be conscious of their patients’ financial situations while seeking treatment. Those who offer an itemized, up-front, cost estimate for each treatment plan often see greater success than those who do not. Well-respected providers are sure to review your financial situation and insurance coverage and walk you through the available options.

Some patients may have always considered orthodontic treatment, while others, such as small children, are referred by their regular dentists, speech therapists, or medical practitioners. Regardless of your reasons, you deserve compassionate care, open communication, and personalized support from an experienced orthodontist who is dedicated to helping every one of his clients achieve the smiles they desire.