Let’s face it, for mild, cosmetic dental issues, your teenager is less likely to wear braces than she is to live with what she was given. Unfortunately, braces have a stigma attached, and most teenagers are uninterested in interrupting their social status or busy schedules in order to care for themselves.

It is up to the equally-busy parents of this world to find a compromise between doing nothing at all or making their teen wear braces. Fortunately, Invisalign Teen allows these very important dental repairs to be completed in several ways that make them a better choice than metal braces.

teenage football player wears invisalign

1. Self-confidence

Since the beginning of time, teens have been concerned with their social status, especially at school. Because they are made of clear polyurethane, Invisalign trays are less noticeable than traditional braces. Your teen’s friends may eventually notice the changes as crooked and protruding teeth are straightened, but until then, classmates will focus on your teen instead of their braces.

2. No “off-limits foods”

The list of foods considered off-limits to those with braces could easily be confused with a list of foods that teenagers love. Unlike teens with braces, those who opt for Invisalign treatment will be able to continue eating their favorite foods. Those with braces are barred from eating sticky gum, crunchy corn chips, and extra hard foods such as pizza crust. They are even advised to avoid foods that use the front teeth such as corn-on-the-cob and apples.

3. Sports Participation

Many junior and high school students participate in sports. This can be a challenge for young people with braces, especially if they’re involved in contact sports like football or wrestling. For good reason, these sports require the use of a mouthguard. However, mouthguards are difficult to fit over traditional braces. Conversely, your teen can remove their Invisalign tray when they are required to wear a mouthguard.

4. Musical Instruments

Sports are not the only school activity in which metal braces can get in the way. If your child chooses to play any instrument that involves their mouth, they could run into problems. Some instruments including woodwinds and brasses require specific mouth shapes. Not only can traditional braces impede a teen’s ability to accomplish proper contact with mouthpieces, the use of these instruments can exacerbate pain and sores already caused by metal braces.

5. Thorough Care & Cleaning

It’s hard enough to get some teenagers to pay attention to their personal hygiene. The proper care and cleaning of metal braces is a longer and more difficult task that most young people don’t have the time or energy to accomplish effectively. Removable Invisalign trays make for much easier flossing and teeth brushing. Not to mention that traditional metal braces can cause irritation unless teens are sure to use a waxy substance to protect the inside of their mouths. This is something most teenagers simply don’t have time for and Invisalign doesn’t require the use of the waxes for protection.

Aside from the social and life-protecting benefits that Invisalign offers, the cosmetic advantages cannot be beaten. From misaligned, crowded or gapped teeth, malocclusions, overbites, Invisalign can repair your teen’s smile before they head off to college or into the workforce. Your child will thank you for the confidence, ease of wear, and results associated with Invisalign.