280778317_1280x720Everyone wants an even row of pearly teeth. Unfortunately, getting there is not always easy. The decisions on who to get to straighten your teeth, how to pay for it, and what type of braces to choose can seem endless. In recent years, many dentists have begun offering orthodontic treatment in addition to their other services, which makes the decision even more complicated. When you’re making that initial decision on who to choose for your provider, consider these reasons for choosing an orthodontist in Redding.


Did you know that all orthodontists are also dentists? Orthodontists had to go through dental school before they did an orthodontic residency program. The residency is normally two to three years long and gives them the opportunity to work on many orthodontic cases under the supervision of skilled orthodontists. A full-time residency requires a budding orthodontist to complete over 40 hours per week to gain the complete training they need.


You only have one set of teeth. And the decision to go through the process of straightening them is not to be taken lightly. When you’re investing thousands of dollars into straight teeth, you want to make sure it’s done right. An orthodontist is a specialist—much like a brain surgeon is a specialist. You wouldn’t want a regular family doctor to do brain surgery on you. The same goes for teeth straightening—a dentist is skilled in what he does, but he has not undergone the rigorous training for orthodontics.


Because of his knowledge of the latest techniques and technology, an orthodontist can choose the best treatment plan for your teeth. Some cases will do well with Invisalign; others—particularly more severe cases—will require traditional braces. By contrast, a dental office may only offer Invisalign, which may not be the right solution for everyone.

An orthodontist is also trained on jaw alignment. In order for the teeth to be straightened correctly, the jaw must be aligned. An orthodontist will be able to evaluate whether your jaw will be able to sustain straightened teeth or if it will pull them back into misalignment. An orthodontist is also skilled at developing the best plan to keep your teeth in place long after the braces have been removed. After investing all that time and money, you don’t want your teeth to relapse.

Finding the right orthodontist in Redding is the first, most important step to your goal of a straighter smile. At Schalo Smiles, we try to make the process as easy as possible.