smiling-woman-with-a-flowerInvisalign is a growing trend–with over two million people choosing Invisalign over regular braces since 1997. Orthodontists say that the number of adults that are getting braces has grown, because now adults don’t need to suffer the embarrassment of a mouth full of metal. Even better, it’s had a chance to prove that it’s actually quite effective. If you’re considering or just starting your Invisalign treatment in Redding, you may be wondering how long your treatment will take. There are several factors to consider.

Will It Take Longer Than Regular Braces?

Americans love fast food and quick service. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to straight teeth. But if you follow all the treatment guidelines from your orthodontist, your Invisalign treatment plan can last as little as 6 to 18 months, with the average time being around one year. Since traditional braces take an average of two years, that cuts the treatment time about in half. That’s good news. But keep in mind, you’ll need to faithfully wear your aligners 20 to 22 hours per day to get that result.

How Long Will It Take to Move Your Teeth?

Your Invisalign treatment is designed by a highly precise, computerized 3-D model. It prescribes a detailed progression of movements to move every tooth into a straight position. Each progression lasts about two weeks and requires a new set of retainers. The length of your treatment will depend on how many movements it will take to get every tooth into the exact spot where it needs to be. If you’ve got extremely crooked teeth, expect your treatment to take much longer than the next person who only has slight adjustments to make to their row of whites.

How Long Will It Take to Adjust Your Bone Structure?

Sometimes, teeth are crooked because the jaw or bone structure is off. In these cases, surgery might be needed to correct these issues. Traditionally, metal braces were required for patients needing surgery. Your orthodontist will need to determine if you are still able to go with Invisalign or if you will need conventional braces. Jaw surgery generally requires orthodontic treatment before and after the surgery. This, of course, increases the length of treatment.

Invisalign is an excellent option for millions of people today. And with recent advances, Invisalign is getting better at resolving tooth alignment problems, but ultimately, the length of treatment depends on your unique situation. Ask your Redding Invisalign provider at Schalo Smiles for a more in-depth evaluation of how long your treatment will take.