Invisalign_NewmarketFor the longest time, braces were the standard way to straighten teeth. Although they certainly are still in use and work, they are no longer the only option. Invisalign in Redding Ca offers an invisible way to straighten teeth and keep people happy because they are invisible.

People of Any Age Can Use Invisalign

Anyone who is looking for a beautiful smile can use Invisalign. It is the ideal way to straighten teeth, whether for a teenager or for someone much older. The average person will need to wear them for about a year. Some teens, however, may need to wear them longer.

Invisalign Is Invisible

One of the primary advantages of Invisalign is that the clear plastic the trays are made of is nearly completely invisible when wearing them. They fit snuggly over your teeth without any metal components at all. The aligners work like braces to slowly bring your teeth into the desired position.

Advantages of Invisalign Over Braces

Besides being invisible, the Invisalign aligners can be removed whenever you want. They will work best, however, when you wear them for 20 and 22 hours per day. There are no wires that can irritate your gums or teeth, and no adjustments need to be made. This also means fewer and shorter visits to the dentist’s office. Normally, visits will be between four and six weeks apart.

Eating with Invisalign

With braces, they cannot be removed to eat. The aligners that Invisalign uses need to be removed prior to eating. This lets you eat anything you want and no special concerns are required. It also lets you brush and clean your teeth normally, helping you to avoid the possible decay that can occur on some teeth with braces. Before you put the Invisalign aligners back on, though, you will need to brush your teeth.

See What the Results Will Look Like Beforehand

When you go to see the dentist for Invisalign in Redding Ca, a scan will be taken of your mouth. This will also enable you to see in virtual reality exactly what your teeth will look like after the Invisalign treatment is completed.

Invisalign Can Be Used After Braces

If you had braces on your teeth when you were younger but they have shifted some since then, you can get Invisalign and it will correct your teeth’s alignment. If desired, it is also possible to make a switch to Invisalign if a patient would feel more comfortable with them. Many people feel embarrassed to smile much when wearing braces, but when they are invisible, you can smile all you want and feel comfortable about it.

Candidates for Invisalign

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for the Invisalign procedure. People with badly aligned teeth, bridges or veneers may not get the best results. In cases where teeth need a lot of moving to get into the right position, standard braces may work better. Not only will Invisalign help teens feel more comfortable, but older people will, too. Even those who work around people all day can relax knowing that their teeth are being straightened and no one has to know.

Getting a better looking smile at any age with Invisalign in Redding Ca is possible. Contact Dr. Schalo’s office now to learn more about this more comfortable and convenient way to get a brand new smile and greater confidence.