Smile With Apple - Schalo SmilesWhen most people first think about going in for orthodontic treatment, it’s because they would ultimately like to see a new and improved smile. Though the purpose of orthodontics is largely seen as a self-confidence booster, there is certainly much more to straightening teeth, correcting an irregular bite and/or adjusting spacing or crowding problems than the aesthetic effects patients tend to focus on. The truth is that your Redding orthodontist can have a great impact on your overall health for years to come. Read on to learn how.

TMJ Disorder

If you aren’t familiar with your temporomandibular joints, you should be. These are the joints that allow you to move your jaw normally and comfortably. When they are not in a position to work in sync with one another, commonly known as a misalignment, it can be very painful to engage in the simple acts of chewing, talking and yawning. TMJ disorder can also cause ear pain and ringing, blurred vision, lockjaw, dizziness and aches in the neck and shoulder. Left untreated, these symptoms may persist throughout life and lead to weakening and damaged teeth.

Sinus Troubles

Sinus troubles can often be attributed to the shape of a person’s mouth and jaw. If a passageway is too narrow, not allowing for sufficient oxygen flow, the result can be breathing problems and sinus blockages. Having an orthodontist adjust the jaw and palate can help to widen the sinus area and alleviate pressure.


Chronic headaches can be another sign of misaligned teeth or a jaw that isn’t lined up correctly. When there is a lack of balance between all the joints, bones, tendons and muscles that work together in your head and neck, it can create jaw tension, which builds up pressure and comes out in the form of headaches.

Sleep Disorders

As mentioned above, the positioning of your jaw influences your ability to breathe. This means that an inefficiency in airflow can come from a misaligned jaw and lead to disruptions in your sleep or an actual sleep disorder, like sleep apnea. This lack of oxygen can be greatly improved with orthodontic alignment treatments.

Oral Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene is directly related to a variety of health problems, including heart disease and diabetes. To reduce the risk of these and other complications, such as gum disease and tooth decay, orthodontic work is frequently required. Straightened, evenly spaced teeth are much easier to keep clean, and in turn, get rid of bacteria buildup from plaque and tartar.

As you can see, the value of orthodontics goes much deeper than looks. So if you or your child has mouth or jaw complications that require the expertise of a Redding orthodontist, don’t hesitate to make an appointment and start working towards a healthier future.