640px-Invisalign_alignerAre you thinking about getting your teenager braces or looking to make changes to your own smile? If so, you’re sure to have a lot of questions about the different treatment options available and what you can expect from each. With Invisalign being such a popular choice among adults and teens, since it’s the clear alternative to metal braces, this may be what you want to learn about most.

Chances are, you’ll have a lot of your questions answered during your Redding Invisalign consultation with your orthodontist, but it’s good to go into your appointment knowing a few things ahead of time.

It’s Best to Choose a Preferred Provider

You will find that many dentists, as well as orthodontists, offer Invisalign treatment as part of their services. It might seem like going to either professional will get you the same results, but they may not actually be working with the same level of experience. It also typically takes the knowledge and skill of an orthodontist to be able to handle more serious cases that need extra help. This is why it’s best to choose an Invisalign preferred provider to take care of all your treatment needs.

Not Everyone is a Good Candidate

For standard orthodontic problems in teens and adults, such as gaps, overcrowding, over/underbites, etc., Invisalign can almost always be used as a corrective solution. However, it’s not an automatic given that you will be a good fit for the treatment. Your candidacy will depend on factors like the complexity of the issue, cost and your commitment to wearing the aligners as needed.

Your Insurance Might Cover Treatment

Many people immediately rule out Invisalign as an option because they believe it’s not in their budget and not covered by insurance. The truth is, it’s a much more affordable treatment than a lot of people realize (usually not much more than traditional metal braces), and oftentimes, dental insurance will cover at least half of the cost. Your orthodontist may also offer financing opportunities.

You Must Be Prepared to Wear Aligners 20+ Hours

With metal braces, you have no choice but to keep them in 24/7, but with the removable aligners of Invisalign it requires discipline and dedication to avoid removing them whenever you feel they’re being a nuisance. For the treatment to really be effective, it is recommended that aligners are worn at least 20 hours a day, basically only allowing you time to take them out for meals. If this isn’t something you trust yourself to be consistent with, you may want to reconsider the treatment.

No Pain, No Gain Isn’t Always True

We’ve all heard the famous saying – “No Pain, No Gain.” However, when it comes to Invisalign, this isn’t exactly the case. While the first couple days of wearing your aligners will take some getting used to and cause some soreness as your teeth shift and adjust, you won’t experience anywhere near the same type of pain you would with metal brackets, wires and rubber bands. Remembering this could make a considerable impact on your treatment decision.

Having some understanding of what a Redding Invisalign treatment entails will help you get a clearer picture of what road lies ahead for your or your teen’s new smile.